To be internationally recognised as an exceptional provider of bunker and lubricant solutions across the globe.

To work with ethos, care and transparency to exceed our customer’s expectations when providing our specialized bunker and lubricant solutions internationally.


Overall our mission is to innovatively deliver solutions throughout the entire bunkering cycle.


Bunkernet is frequently evaluated by independent credit rating organizations such as Lloyds MIU and Ocean Intelligence and maintains strong financial reviews.

Average Annual Turnover of +320 million USD


Bunkernet has established credit lines with oil majors, state owned oil companies and local independents worldwide. We are a member of IBIA and the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and a trusted name in the bunkering industry. Bunkernet is ISO 9001 certified.


We acknowledge that bunkering can be a complicated process with elements of risk. Bunkernet is insured for product liability and professional indemnity.

Industry leading insurance coverage for product liability

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Quality is the cornerstone of our business. Quality in what we supply, in how we supply and most importantly quality following the supply by way of our After Sales Service. Beyond our Lloyds approved quality system is our people’s genuine commitment to provide quality service consistently.